Swollen upper lip

May 25th, 2006

Henrik with swollen upper lip.Tonight I played Ultimate as I usually do on Mondays and Wednesdays. Before the actual game started, I was just throwing back and forth with some random guy. It was somewhat windy, and when I held my hands ready to catch the disc coming towards me, the wind moved it up about a decimeter right before I was about to catch it. This resulted in that the disc, instead of hitting my hands as planned, hit right on my upper lip instead. Bam! That hurt. And it's gonna look beautiful tomorrow.

Well, not much you can do about it.. (besides putting some ice on it, but I was too lazy to get some). I continued playing. Towards the end of the game, I was running for the disc and just about to score when one of my team mates (who was also going for the disc) accidentally macked it right into my face. On my upper lip, to be more precise. Bam! That hurt, again! It's going to be even more beautiful tomorrow.

After this, I actually convinced myself to go get some ice to put on my lip. I don't know how much it helped, I might have been to late, but it's better than nothing I guess.

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  • 1. Fia  |  May 25th, 2006 at 05:21

    How cute… 😉

  • 2. Loriel  |  May 26th, 2006 at 10:37

    Hu, ser inte skönt ut! Pratar du sluddrigt? ;P

  • 3. Henrik  |  May 26th, 2006 at 12:58

    Det har förvĂ„nansvĂ€rt nog inte gjort speciellt ont sĂ„ lĂ€nge jag hĂ„llit munnen stilla. Äta, prata Ă„ sĂ„nt har onekligen varit mindre skönt, men jag har hĂ„llit sĂ„dana “ovĂ€sentligheter” till ett minimum. 😉


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