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Unexpected creativity

In an unexpected burst of creativity, I chose to give my blog a new theme. I think it's better, although I'm not sure. It's a bit different and has different colors at least. 🙂

Would you find anything which seems broken, please tell me.

UPDATE 2006-01-22: In a second burst, I modified the header image, to cycle through a bunch of different images from my time in Seattle.

3 comments January 22nd, 2006

Four weeks of downtime

The server hosting this blog has been dead for the last four weeks. I'm very, very sorry about it. If I have energy enough, I'll try to post something about what has happened during these weeks (quite a lot).

At the moment I'm back in Sweden for a two week vacation. The first week, including Christmas, will be spent with my family and friends, and the second one, including New Years Eve, with friends going skiing in Bydalen.

Show this on a map.

2 comments December 22nd, 2005

Perfectionism or cowardice?

For some reason it seems I have a hard time writing normal, spontaneous and down-to-earth posts. Everything I write tends to be too "polished", too much like some kind of official document. I don't know why exactly. It might be the case that I think that everything I publish must be perfect or it will not be interesting (although it most likely is the other way around), or simply because I'm too much of a coward to write about the less-than-perfect (i.e. just about any) parts of my life.

To solve this, I'm trying to adopt (not too strict) speed writing. Just keep writing, and don't care about if the things you write are good or not. Just let it out. (Ouch, I'm sounding like a therapist now, don't I?). So… I wonder if it will affect my writing. Hopefully it will change it for the better. Let me know what you think. You don't have to write a "oh, you're so good" comment right now, but think about it when you read my posts further on and comment on it sometime in the future when I've forgotten all about it.

Add comment August 22nd, 2005

Three weeks ’till takeoff

In three weeks, at the 7th of September, begins what will no doubt be the biggest adventure of my life so far! I'm leaving Sweden for at least nine months of studying and traveling in Seattle, USA. Hopefully Martin will come over from Hong Kong and join me for an old-fashioned road trip sometime next summer. If I'm lucky, I manage to find a computer related job at some software company nearby and/or get the possibility of doing my Master Thesis in the US.

My journey will begin with a [12 hour trip](Flying to Seattle) to Seattle. When I arrive, my first mission will be to find an apartment or a room somewhere near campus. I also have a bunch of things to do all over campus, registering with all sorts of departments and offices. Americans seems to love bureaucracy.

This post is the very first post in this travel blog, most likely there will be more. This is it for the moment, though. Over and out.

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