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I’m packing

Suitcases are packed.
Tomorrow it is time to say goodbye to Sweden and leave for Seattle. To be honest, I'm starting to get rather nervous. A lot of "what if <insert just about anything> isn't as good/fun/easy/cheap as I had expected" in my head right now. Well, I guess I'll be alright. I just have to pack my cabin luggage. I've been trying to do it for a couple of days now, but I have always found other things to occupy my time with. Today's really the last day to do it, though. Fortunately, I'm at least more or less finished packing my two large suitcases.

I arrive Wednesday afternoon (in Seattle time, I leave Sweden Wednesday afternoon as well :-)) and I'll most likely be very tired and jetlagged. When evening comes I will have been awake for almost 24 hours. The next day, at 11 am, I'll meet my new landlord and see my room. It will most likely be empty, so I'll have to start looking for furniture, especially a bed. More about that later though.

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Living in a suitcase

I just bought a really large suitcase. Large enough to hold a human being, so if someone is interested in getting to Seattle very cheap, just tell me. 😉

Henrik tries alternative ways of travelling. Henrik in a suitcase. Very handy.

I actually returned this suitcase for a slightly smaller one as I realized that I had no idea where I would be able to store it in Seattle.

UPDATE: After I had returned it (when I was thinking about getting it back) I also learned that it did not even pass SAS dimension requirements.

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I just love bureaucracy. As a part of my application to UW I sent a couple of letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can be nice to have e.g. when looking for a job, so I handed the originals to the International Office at Chalmers so they could make copies of them to send together with the application to UW. That way I would still have the originals, I thought. Today, I asked the International Office if I could get my letters back. They told me that they had sent to originals to UW and kept the copies themselves. sigh

So, I sent a letter to UW to ask if there was any possibility that I could get my original letters back. Person #1 answered "I only got copies, but I'll forward your mail to the person #2 who received the application". Person #2 answered "I sent the whole application including any original documents to person #1, so if she does not have your original letters, I never received any from the International Office at Chalmers". sigh again

It seems that the originals have somehow disappeared and all that is left is a whole bunch of copies.

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Computer Account at UW

After receiving a letter with a student number and some other info, I was able to create a computer account (called a UWNetID) at UW. It was really quick and painless. That means I've also got a new email address, namely A nice feature is that I was able to choose username myself (I think "jernevad" is a little bit better than the "henrij2" which it suggested as default value ;-))

I am actually quite impressed by the computer system at UW. Almost everything seems to be configurable from a web interface. To name a few things, I can turn on/off different services such as e-mail forwarding, personal web page, an account which allows me to publish streaming media, remote access (ssh) accounts, dial-up account for off-campus access and much more. Everything has been very easy to setup and works just perfect. The mail server is encrypted (both incoming and outgoing). There is a LDAP directory server which makes the full University of Washington "address book" available to me in Thunderbird. Within the MyUW portal (counterpart to Chalmer's Study Portal) I can see my personal schedule and how much money I have left on my housing and food services card. There is even a weather forecast available. 😀

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Three weeks ’till takeoff

In three weeks, at the 7th of September, begins what will no doubt be the biggest adventure of my life so far! I'm leaving Sweden for at least nine months of studying and traveling in Seattle, USA. Hopefully Martin will come over from Hong Kong and join me for an old-fashioned road trip sometime next summer. If I'm lucky, I manage to find a computer related job at some software company nearby and/or get the possibility of doing my Master Thesis in the US.

My journey will begin with a [12 hour trip](Flying to Seattle) to Seattle. When I arrive, my first mission will be to find an apartment or a room somewhere near campus. I also have a bunch of things to do all over campus, registering with all sorts of departments and offices. Americans seems to love bureaucracy.

This post is the very first post in this travel blog, most likely there will be more. This is it for the moment, though. Over and out.

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